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nunggu final nya aja mang, tapi ikutan nyoba juga neh mang matcuoi5
mau dong versi offline
putus asa maen online g ada modal + netesin tlor pecah melulu e.ematcuoi14
Tutor dong mang harry matcuoi7
No tutor ngeblank saya mang :matcuoi11:
1 - Create a new folder wherever you wish, name this folder "DMO" (Or whatever you want to name it)
2- Right click the folder, choose "SVN Checkout" and paste the github link found on the first post of this thread.
3- After all files have been downloaded, open the folder you created, open the "trunk" folder and double click on the file named "Digital World", a Microsoft Visual Studio Solution file. (There will be some errors, ignore them, they're not important in order to get the server running.)
4- On the Solution Explorer window, click the "Yggdrasil" project, right click "References" and click "Add Reference".
5- Go on the "Browse tab" of the new window that has been opened and add all the .dll that have been supplied above and press OK.

- Warning: I'm not sure if you need to add somewhere else but I'm assuming no (I don't remember if I added or not). If you need help with this, just PM me. -

6- Press F6 to Build the Solution. If all went well, you've now compiled the files. You may find the .exe's on the "AuthServer\bin\Debug" | "Digital World\bin\Debug" | "Lobby Server\bin\Debug" folders. REMEMBER TO EDIT THE SETTINGS.XML FILE ON ALL FOLDERS.

Files - (Compiled by SunFlowers)

Required files -
The compiled source - DMO.a - Copia.rar

1- Extract the "DMO.a - Copia" folder into your desktop.
2- Edit settings.xml file (Detailed help will be given later on) with your database information

Client -

These files require the version 15 english client in order to run. The korean client remains untested.

Version 6 client: Digimon Masters Online | Files | Digimon Masters Online CBT Client | CBT | Clients | Game Front
v7-15 patch:

1- Install/extract with winrar the client.
2- Extract every file from the DMO_patchwh.zip file and copy paste it, by order (7-15) into the folder you've installed/extract the client to.
3- Open notepad, type "GDMO.exe true" and save it, on the client's folder, as "play.bat"

Connecting to the server

General computer knowledge

Before starting -
Portfoward the ports 6999, 7000 and 7029. < This is a MUST if you wish to sucessfully connect to your server.

Files required -
Hosts File Manager (easier then editing the hosts file by yourself) - HostsMan - abelhadigital.com

We're assuming you're using a ROUTER, which I believe may be the case of everyone, since MODEMS are now discontinued.

- Preparing the database -

1 - Go on start menu, type "CMD" (if you're on Windows 7/VISTA) and type "ipconfig" on the MS-DOS window that follows up. Scroll up and look for your "IPv4" IP and note it down.
2- Go to IP converter , type in your IPv4 IP and copy the Integer IP that resulted from the Conversion.
3- Access your database (Navicat/PHPMyAdmin or whatever you're using), go on the DMO database, go on the "servers" table and delete all but ONE server.

The table will have the following format:

serverId | name | ip | port

You can add whatever serverId you want, whatever name you want. On the IP part, replace the numbers that are there for the Integer IP you obtained on STEP 2. Save your changes.

- Preparing the files -

This works for both compiled and pre-compiled versions of the tutorial. Remember, if you've compiled yourself the files and they are still on their original folders, you will need to change ALL settings.xml so they can all have the same information.

1- Open settings.xml

Between the host tags (<host> NUMBERS </host> ) replace NUMBERS with your IPv4 IP. Make sure that all AutoStart tags (<AutoStart> true </AutoStart> ) it's set to true, to avoid you having to manually start the server.

The hatch rates on this folder are easy to understand. Each Level ("<Level 1" "<Level 2") is refering to 1/5, 2/5, etc. The sum of Success, Failure and Broken must equal 1.
The size ranges are the same as the hatch rates, <level 3 equals a 3/5 digimon, <level 4 a 4/5 digimon, etc. You can set whatever minimum and max you want on the "min=number"/"max=number" part. (This is the percentage of the size, no the size of the digimon.)

- Preparing the hosts file -

1- Go on What Is My IP - Shows Your IP Address and copy your IP address.
2- Open up Hosts Manager (download file and information supplied above) and click "Edit Hosts".
3- Click "Add", and on the "Host name" part type "account.dmo.joymax.com" and on the IP part type in your IP from Step 1.
4- Press Save.

- Running the server -
1- Open AuthServer.exe , LobbyServer.exe and DigitalWorld.exe (in any order)
2- Go to your client folder, double click "Play.bat" and wait for HShield to update.
3- After reaching the login screen, type "admin" as your login username and "admin" as your password. On the character screen, DELETE a character (whatever character) and create your new one. This is important because whenever I tried to login with one of the characters there, my client crashed. Easy solution: delete them all.
4- If you're ingame, congratulations, you've sucessfully managed to setup the server.
wah ini harus ada Visual Studio lagi ya mang harry ?matcuoi18!
gk usah pke server yg udh di compile/repack di depan udh gw share!ad problem dikit waktu msk game,,harus port forward tapi gk tw pass routerx..jadi msh stuck ni project
mang Ini maennya ofline ato online ?????matcuoi13matcuoi13
Om kasih vidio tutornya dong ora gerak ni otak ...:matcuoi11: :matcuoi11:
client nya tolong diupload lagi dong.. udah d delete matcuoi22matcuoi22matcuoi22
pingin coba matcuoi4matcuoi4matcuoi4
Ane belum sempet backup data2nya sama sekali , wkwkwkw
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