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Share NEW!!!Server Seal Revised
Halo KG Lovers & Seal Lovers ^^

*New Server Seal Revised*


A:: Menu section at bottom will be in English.

B:: Item and Item Bank are in English.

C:: Status in English

D:: Exit Menu will run and look like the old English Seal Menu, having the option to Exit, Settings, Return to menu, Cancle Exit, and other things like that. It will of course be fully in English.

E:: The Options Menu will be in English where you turn off and on music, and toggle other settings.

F:: Loading screen and Loading graphics will no longer say 458Seal but will show the proper login like old English Seal did:

G:: Loading bar will look different, login window will look like old English Seal as well, and will not have the option to create a new account anymore, meaning creation of account will be done some other way, sorry guys...

H:: The Server choices will be 1 and 2, there is no longer all those dead servers which was pointless, only need 2 servers, 1 for regular, and one for PK.

I:: Still working on the server side of this, but when you create a new character, there will be in English and icons of 3 choices, Elim, Newbie Town, and Lime, just like the old English Version

J:: There will be other internal none noticable changes, don't be scared if one of the NPC's happens to speak English, as there are some that do with this new version, but will not be a total english conversion yet, and the chats will still be in Chinese and story and all. However the Trade Icons, Buttons, other misc things like that will be recognizable English version, and easier to understand and recognize.

K:: I am trying my hardest to do this part, but I am going to attempt to fix some of the model drops, I had them fixed before, but a glitch came up, but I am fixing it, I had to re-do the whole client and start over to try to attempt this again.

I will Explain, For instance, currently, Elements, Crystals, Rubies, Diamonds all have the same model when they drop, I had them actually looking like there proper models the other day, I am going to try to attempt to fix this in the new version!

L:: I will also try to clean up this version, and make it work like it is supposed to. Hopefully everything will run smoothly.

PS. The Maps will also have English words when you move your mouse over the WARP icons on the map. For instance in Red Soil, if you move your mouse over the north warp, it says To Elim rather than some chinese words.

M:: and I almost forgot, the new character creation screen is in English! Smile

N:: FONTS are LARGER and more READABLE!!

O:: Elements on Monsters are in English!!!!!!!!!!!! Example: Darness, Earth, Fire!!!


Server Revised



Masih job 1 apa udah job 2 mang ?
~ Nothing Special About Me ~
masih 1 tapi perbaikan map dikit ama bahasa&font!!
Owh , mayan lah udah pake bahasa inggris gak terlalu banyak bahasa dewanya matcuoi7 matcuoi7
~ Nothing Special About Me ~
iya mang ^^ matcuoi7
coba ahh ..
misi numpang mencoba agan " :matcuoi12: :matcuoi12:

ajarin bikin yg private server dong. Sad
ane coba pake hex editor ga bs" x_x
dh ane test sukses 100% Big Grin
(10-18-2011, 08:47 PM)stefanie95 Wrote: dh ane test sukses 100% Big Grin

yg JOB 2 uda sukses mang???
kalo uda SHARE donk !!! matcuoi5matcuoi5

ane dah bisa nih pass masuk warp gk bisa nih gmna ya ??

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